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All-U-Can Eat Crawfish Sunday

Nick’s Sports Bar on Wilcrest near Briar Forest is doing an all-u-can-eat crawfish special today. I ran into their crawfish supplier in the parking lot unloading sacks of mudbugs. He said he thought the all-u-can-eat price was $20. I wonder if there is a time limit.

How many crawfish do you think you could eat if you sat there eating crawfish and watching sports on television from 3 pm to closing time?

Homer Harris runs a wholesale crawfish delivery service. You can call him and get his “Cajun Crawfish” truck to stop by your place anytime you’re ready. He said the price by the sack right now is $2.50 a pound. A sack contains 40 pounds of crawfish, so you are looking at $100 each. The typical serving of a crawfish in a restaurant is three pounds, so figure a sack feeds around a dozen average eaters.

Or four or five guys like me.

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