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More Serious Eats in Texas

New York food writer Ed Levine was in Houston over the last few days researching a new book that’s being written by the whole staff at his famous food blog Serious Eats. Ed and I are old friends.

Levine once took me on a pizza tour of Manhattan that included a lot of great pizzerias I never heard of. He also introduced me to David Chang back when Chang was a humble, eccentric chef running an obscure little noodle joint almost single-handedly.

I took Ed on a short food tour of Fort Worth last year when we were both in DFW for the Pillsbury Bake-Off. He was blown away by Babe’s Fried Chicken in Roanoke and Caro’s Tex-Mex. But I was really looking forward to giving Levine a grand food tour of Houston.

It was a little frustrating because he was interested in “only in Houston” dishes for the book. I think we have some great sandwiches, for instance, but I couldn’t think of any that were invented here. Ed is also visiting New Orleans, so how is he going to recommend a Houston poor boy over a NOLA poor boy?

We hit 16 eateries in his three days in Space City. And our batting average was very high. Lots of Houston dishes were deemed worthy of national attention. We hit gold in barbecue, Tex-Mex, taco trucks, catfish, fried shrimp and Shipley’s doughnuts. Surprisingly, the hamburgers we ate didn’t make the cut.

Levine set off for Austin and the Central Texas barbecue circuit this weekend. Can’t wait to see what Texas food makes the Serious Eats book.

4 comments to More Serious Eats in Texas

  • MsDClark

    I’m truly enjoying reading your blurbs & stories more than when at the HouPress. I’m hoping this means you are happier and full of energy to promote the Houston food, which it needs.

  • Los Dos Amigos, Thelma’s, and El Ultimo Taco Truck? Lucky man!

  • Dream

    We tried out Pierson’s BBQ on West TC Jester today. Mr. P really can handle his bbq, thanks for the heads up on this place. Great food and awesome Texas experience.


  • Mary

    What hamburgers did he try? Christian’s Tailgate made some national list (I’m sure you know which!). Their burgers are supertastic.