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Twoberry Jam

Those dewberries I bought on 90A the other day got made into jam. I had about four cups of dewberries, but I also had four cups of strawberries that my three year-old daughter Ava brought home from a pick-your-own strawberry excursion she went on over the weekend. So we combined the two and made “Twoberry Jam.” It was a great combination–lots of tartness from the blackberries plus the chunkiness from the strawberries.

We removed the seeds from the dewberries first by throwing them in the blender with the juice of a lemon and then putting them through a food mill. Rebecca Van Dolzer, a student at the Conrad Hilton Restaurant school at UofH, was my kitchen assistant. Rebecca has lots of culinary training but she had never put up preserves before. She is interning with me this semester. I am teaching her how to write recipes (and make jam).

The recipe is pretty simple. We added seven cups of sugar to eight cups of berry puree and quartered strawberries. We brought that to a boil and added two pouches of pectin gel and brought the mixture to a boil. Then we skimmed off the foam, filled the jars and followed the Ball Jar instructions for canning.

We ended up with nine jars of “Twoberry Jam”-each containing one cup.

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