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Enchiladas Around the World

Tomatillos and Anaheim chiles are evidently hard to come by in other climes. So when food bloggers from all over the planet tried my recipe for Stacked Chicken Enchiladas in Green Chile Sauce this month the cooks in London, the Netherlands, and Canada had to come up with their own variations. There were also such wacky spins as gluten-free Thai enchiladas.

The international enchilada cook-off was the monthly challenge from  The Daring Kitchen gang. The website called Daring Kitchen started in 2006 when two women with food blogs decided to try the same challenging recipe. They turned it into a monthly challenge and others started joining in. Now the Daring Cooks Challenge includes legions of food bloggers who all try the same recipe at the same time and blog about it once a month. They choose my enchilada recipe for May in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

The original recipe, which appears on page 111 of The Tex-Mex Cookbook, was published by Fine Cooking Magazine in August of 2005. It was the version of the recipe published on the magazine’s website that was used as a starting point. I have to say reading all these recipe made me hungry for some enchiladas.

The Daring Kitchen gang sound like a lot of fun. But beforewarned, to join the Daring Cooks or Daring Bakers and have your food blog included in the blogroll, you have to agree to participate in 8 out of 12 of the monthly challenges.

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  • Thanks for this. I do a mean Chicken Enchiladas with a poblano cream sauce.

  • I just purchased your tex mex cookbook and was literally blown away with so much great info and recipes, I was born and raised in Texas, love Texas history and your book is my new summer read. We recently moved to Edinburg, Texas and Tex Mex food here is so different from the Tex Mex food from Corpus Christi, I love how every part of Texas has it’s own style of Tex Mex.


  • Hey do you guys have a Twitter account I could follow? I’m sick of using RSS feeds! It’d be great if you did it’s a lot easier to find updates since I use Twitter so much! I’ll be back for sure!