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Houston Restaurant Community Gardens?

Leaders of the Houston restaurant community are exploring the idea of buying vacant lots in the Fifth Ward and turning them into organic gardens. At a recent meeting, the group looked at several lots adjoining the Emile Street Garden. Pictured (from left) David Kim and Stephan Fairfield of Covenant Capital, chef Randy Evans of Haven and gardener Jim Sherman of Last Organic Outpost.

The group of Houston chefs headed by Randy Evans and including Chris Shepherd and Bryan Caswell are currently looking for available land with the assistance of Covenant Captial. It’s hoped that the City of Houston will provide assistance. Finding productive uses for distressed properties in the Fifth Ward has long been a goal of city hall.

The restaurants would plant their own plots with the vegetables of their choice. The project would allow restaurants to supplement some of their produce needs with locally grown products. It would also give chefs a chance to experiment with heirloom varietals and unusual vegetables that are hard to find elsewhere. Interested restaurant owners should contact Randy Evans at Haven.

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