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In-N-Out Coming to Texas

3x3 at Tornado Burger

Tornado Burger, the Houston burger joint that patterned itself after In-N-Out, may soon get some competition from the real thing. The Orange Country Register has confirmed that Southern California’s iconic fast food burger chain, In-N-Out, has plans to enter the Texas market.

In-N-Out is famous for its quality ingredients including never-been-frozen hamburger patties. The chain maintains its own meat packing plant in Southern California to supply fresh burger patties to each location every other day. Up until now, company spokesman have said that didn’t want to open any outlets beyond a 500 mile radius of the meat plant because of logistics.

The first In-N-Out burger stands will be in the D/FW area. In order to service the Texas In-N-Out hamburger stands, the company will open a second meat plant in Dallas.

8 comments to In-N-Out Coming to Texas

  • David Ross

    it always enrages me when Dallas is chosen as a place to open something new in preference to Houston, such as limited releast movie premieres – and In-N-Out Burgers. Don’t these folks study the census figures?

  • Rebecca

    Not only census figures — the Houston area is a food city. There are lots of foodies here and I believe we eat out more than any other metropolitan area in the US. I think I read that somewhere. LOL

  • Patrick Pringle


    Meh. Makes sense to me when you consider two of the five best places to eat in Dallas are McDonalds and Fuddrucker. Zing.

  • Matthew

    isn’t obvious? dallas had a tv show in the eighties! what more explanation do you need?

  • Steve in Austin

    I’ll bet In N Out did some market research and it told them more Cali transplants in Dallas than any other city in Texas. In N Out is more about the hype than the food and outside of CA folks dont much see the big deal. I sure don’t care because their hamburgers aren’t that great and their fries are HORRIBLE. Cold before you can even walk to your table. Whataburger is a far superior “chain” than In and Out as far as burgers and fries. In N Out would never work in Austin because there are at least 10 REALLY good local burger places along with LOTS of Whataburgers.

  • Bryce in DFW

    People in Houston are too caught up with how much bigger Houston is over Dallas. If you look at the ENTIRE metropolitan area of Dallas and Houston, the census figures are very comparable.

  • Christina

    You are right; In N Out is more of a Cali obsession, but it’s finally coming to Dallas. I’ve been out here for 3 years and can’t wait. Can you honestly say Whataburger NEVER freezes ANY of their food? That’s why so many people love In N Out. It’s just a FRESH burger. They don’t need variety; what they have is plenty. Go to any In N Out and try to get in and out quickly; it won’t happen unless you go right when they open. Their drive thrus are always packed and so is the inside.

    I’m not sure why so many people have such negative things to say about In N Out. It’s not hurting anyone. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. No reason to criticize so negatively. Let us Cali transplants have our wish. LOL

  • I lived in Southern California for four years and visited In-N-Out frequently, since there is a franchise on literally every corner there, just like the What-A-Burger franchise here in Texas. And yes, Steve in Austin, the hype is what sells the I-N-O burgers. The I-N-O burger is good, but side by side taking into acount flavor, serving size and price, What-A-Burger runs circles around the I-N-O burger.