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Texas Q History

A producer for the History Channel named Paul La Blanc put this pilot together for a food history show to be called “A Bite of History.” I don’t think the show ever got broadcast–or at least I never heard anything about it. Here is the Texas segment.

The producer graciously provided me with a DVD. I am using the part of the show I appeared in as a clip–not for commercial purposes.

3 comments to Texas Q History

  • Rob
    Very cool stuff. Well done and well produced. I am a television producer that is now creating web video for restaurant marketing. We are launching our first site for a new steakhouse in Alvin, Texas called The Barbed Rose Steakhouse and Seafood Company. The site and restaurant launch in July.

    Once again very nicely done.

    Roy Schneider
    Executive Producer
    Vintage Production Group

    ps. I am a Texan living in NYC, and live with your Legends of Texas BBQ

  • Joe

    say meat markets would do well in ireland, love the history side

  • Pam

    I was reading through your Legends of BBQ the other day and you solved a mystery for me. Back in the mid ’60’s my dad was principal and shop teacher at a small East Texas school. For the shop project, he’d have the students make a bbq pit out of an oil barrell. I never thought much of it because there was always one around, but later I wondered where he had learned the skill. In saw the reference to B&R and that explained it. Dad would work summers for B&R and must have picked up from workers there. I do know a couple of the students used to say the most usefull thing they got out of HS was getting to take home a pit bbq.