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The Hamburger Kid

The Hamburger Kid

The “Hamburger Kid” is the proud owner of a new hamburger joint that moved into the Hubcap Grill’s short-lived second location on Main Street a little north of 610. Like the Hubcap, the new place serves hand-formed, half-pound hamburger patties from well-seasoned, never-been-frozen ground beef. The place has only been open for two months, but it shows great promise.

I tried a cheeseburger and I was impressed with the juicy, medium-rare burger meat. Too bad it didn’t really have any crispy char on the outside. Maybe the griddle wasn’t quite hot enough or something. So far the menu is limited to a burger, a cheeseburger, a bacon cheeseburger, a turkey burger and a pork chop sandwich. But the “Hamburger Kid” claims to be working on a hamburguesa estilo Monterrey that will blow your socks off.

We shall see.

6 comments to The Hamburger Kid

  • jim

    They do a very decent hamburguesa estilo Monterrey in the snack bar at the Mexican bus station at Wayside and Telephone. And yes, Robb, the patty is supposed to be that thin.

  • texmex1

    What is the name of the new place?????

  • Amanda

    The name of the new place is “The Hamburger Kid”. They’re at 9591 S. Main St. on the corner of Buffalo Speedway and Main – next to Carringoton’s and right behind Church’s Chicken. Phone is (713) 662-3433. Their hamburgers are seriously delicious.

  • Mike P.

    I got to meet the owner/chef after I ate and he is the coolest guy ever! He let me sample the sweet potato fries before I ordered them, and he served my buddy and I a seriously giant, flavorful, juicy, quality cheeseburger. My friend got the bacon cheeseburger and that looked killer too. The buns tasted like they were buttered and grilled. Best hole-in-the-wall burger joint in Houston!

  • Kelli

    Do you know what happened to this guy? that place is closed.

  • Toss

    yep, after several great reviews, what happened? I was looking forward to trying them.