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Crazy 'bout a Mercury

Ford announced it will discontinue the Mercury line of automobiles today. This doesn’t have much to do with food unless your parents took the family out for burgers in a Mercury station wagon. So humor me a minute while I say:
Goodbye Mercury. And Muchas Gracias Alan Jackson.

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  • Scott Haynes

    Robb; Living here in Tucson,AZ but spending summers in the Redwoods in SW Oregon, I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading your book Sex, Death, and Oysters.In your book, you didn’t much mention the state of Oregon, but they have delicious oyster eateries up and down the coast. Called Yaquina Bay oysters, they are sold up and down the middle of the coast near Bandon, Reedsport, Coos Bay, and Brookings. Absolutely delicious they are smoked, canned, and served with breakfast, lunch and dinner and my favorite every time I drive Hwy. 101. I’m sure they are C.gigas as far as species, but when I’m eating them I don’t care much for classification! In Reedsport, there is a restaurant called Harbor Lights and a delicious breakfast of hash browns and oysters with tartar sauce. I like Washington oysters too, but Oregon is a pleasant surprise for razor clams and the quality of those oysters. Scott