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Foodways Texas Names an Executive Director

Join me in congratulating Marvin Bendele the newly named Executive Director of Foodways Texas. Bendele was appointed at a Sunday morning board meeting in Austin. He is completing his doctorate in American Studies at UT Austin–food history is his area of expertise.

Co-author of Republic of Barbecue, a book about Texas barbecue from University of Texas Press, Bendele comes from an Alsatian-Texan family that settled in Castroville in 1848. He has been making homemade venison sausage since he was a small child.

2 comments to Foodways Texas Names an Executive Director

  • ray h jones

    read your 6/13/2002 article on Lockwood inn and kozy kitchen.Did you ever get receipe for lockwwod inn bbq sauce? or did Joseph or Bernard Semien ever open up again? I grew up on shotwell .Just 4 blocks away .My father always brought home their bbq when he had a good payday. Sure miss it.

  • Vivian von Ness

    Congratulations on all of your success Marvin!