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Time to Tear Up the Lawn Again

I think the Victory Garden Revival started last spring. Americans were going to tear up their lawns and plant vegetables in new home gardens in record numbers. I am not sure how it went exactly. I just know I missed this groundswell of garden activism on account of the fact that I live in Texas where people do most of their gardening in the fall. I was admiring the heirloom lettuce in the seed catalog at breakfast just this morning.

A woman named Pamela Price in San Antonio is leading the Victory Garden Revival campaign around here. I don’t follow the politics of it so much, I just know I grew so much lettuce in my backyard last year, I am seriously tempted to tear up another flower bed and plant a lot more radishes and green onions this year.

It’s still too hot for a few more weeks. The best time to plant lettuce and cold weather stuff is when the average nightly temperature is 60 degrees or lower, I have been told. Meanwhile, check out this cool old World War II Victory Garden movie.

3 comments to Time to Tear Up the Lawn Again

  • Joe Shea

    really enjoyed that….very nice news…..

  • jim

    There’s no real need to choose between “just flowers” and “just vegetables.” Ny main focus has always been on organic vegetables, but there’s always room in the veggie patch for some ornamentals, and really what could be more “ornamental” that some summer eggplant or winter Swiss chard mixed in with the flowers?

  • Howdy from San Antonio, Mr. Walsh!

    We are grateful for the shout out to the Dig for Texas campaign!

    We’re 100% non-partisan because we believe whomever is elected governor of the Lone Star State can encourage us all to support a more sustainable food system through gardening. We’re modeling our petition drive and social media efforts on the 2008 Eat The View (ETV) initiative (also non-partisan) which helped revived the White House garden in 2009. And we’re doing so with full blessing and support of Roger Doiron, founder of Kitchen Gardeners International/ETV.

    Here’s hoping not only do we succeed in Texas this year in putting fresh veggies on the radar of everyone, but also that we spark imitators in other states!

    (Again, thank you kindly for the mention.)