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Fried Turkey Junkies

Cajun Fried Turkey Getting the Injection

Why do I get such a kick out of shooting up the bird? Is the injection of garlic butter and spices really necessary? Or is it just a lot of voodoo?

If you are going to do the deed for the first time, check out this lengthy illustrated description of the entire process including plugs for brand name fryers and thermometers from the website Brian’s Belly where their inspiring motto is “Eat, Drink, and Be Heavy.”

Here, in short, is what you are going to need:

One 10-15 pound turkey
3 to 3.5 gallons of peanut oil
8-16 ounces of liquid seasoning (marinade)
Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning
26 quart (at least) pot
Burner & propane tank
Oil thermometer
Meat thermometer
Turkey stand
Lengthy hook
Oven mitts, or the considerably more manly asbestos gloves

(Hey Brian, you forgot to list the big needle and syringe!)

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