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About ZenBBQ

Texas Eats has a new sister website named ZenBBQ. It got started after photographer O. Rufus Lovett and I started working on an upcoming book about Southern barbecue. Friends and associates pointed out that while the Arkansas, Alabama, Carolina and Tennessee stories I was posting were interesting, they didn’t make a lot of sense on a website dedicated to Texas food.

Whole hogs cooking at Skylight Inn in Ayden North Carolina

So we decided to keep Texas Eats focused on the Lone Star state and expand our barbecue horizons on another site. Texas barbecue posts will appear both places, but stories and photos about barbecue in the rest of the country will henceforward be found at ZenBBQ along with posts about the methodology of building pits, where to buy special pork cuts, and tips about cooking whole hogs and Southern barbecue. Hope you enjoy it!

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