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Update: Kudos for Hot Sauce

Review in the Oregonian: “In a nutshell: If you like to pour on the heat, you’ll dig the firepower in this new cookbook of pepper sauce recipes. Rather than offering creative uses for bottled sauces, hot sauce authority Robb Walsh shows how you can create fresher versions using chiles, fresh veggies and basic kitchen tools. Then he uses them to ramp up everything from Bloody Marys and buffalo wings to ice cream. And the hot stuff isn’t limited to American palates — there are dishes representing the spicy fare of African and Southeast Asian cuisine — proof that hot sauce has global appeal.” -Grant Butler

Robb Walsh is the founder of the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival, now in its 23rd year. As the former editor-in-chief of Chile Pepper Magazine, he is a recognized authority on all things piquant. His new combination cookbook/fermentation project manual/food history will appeal to the legions of chileheads around the world. With chapters on the history of hot sauce, tips and recipes for making your own sauces at home, and more than 50 recipes using hot sauce- ranging from Nuclear Wings to Carolina Sloppy Joes to Spicy Bloody Marys to Pickapeppa Pot Roast – The Hot Sauce Cookbook is the ultimate cookbook for pepper sauce aficionados.

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4 comments to Update: Kudos for Hot Sauce

  • David H.Ganz

    Where are my Ghost Peppers aka Bhut Jolokia aka Naga peppers eh eh?

  • They are in there, David.

  • David

    I gotta whole lot of Walsh culinary adventure books on the shelf. And even more chili pepper infused cookbooks. 200 plus going back to original issues of Chili Pepper Magazine from year zero on (when was that, 1990). So when I ordered your Hot Sauce Cookbook, I wasn’t asking for a lot of new, ya know? Shipped media mail from Jessica’s Biscuit for cheap, it just never arrived.

    Until yesterday…. In a hard cardboard mailer with the sides ground down and the top completely missing and a postmark more than 6 weeks old. The metal munching madness that is the Denver car-sort facility at the USPS decided it was hungry and ate your cookbook for lunch. But Mr. CarSort didn’t like the taste of it much and spit it out with 8 oz of aluminum dust left between the pages. The crazy thing is that those angels at the post office delivered the whole mess to my doorstep yesterday.

    1 hour and a roll of paper towels later, I had something to read. If you can call reading a very dark grey version of your colorful book reading. More like archaeological investigation. A new one has already shipped but the moral of this story is that a Robb Walsh Hot Sauce Cookbook is damn near indestructible and will win a war with the giant grinders at the US Post Office any day. Must be the Texan in your writing that keeps on fighting. And it’s good stuff too.

  • Philip Halvorsen

    Spicy Peanut Sauce, p. 104: How much Fermented Pepper Mash is required (amount not given in the book)? Thanks!!