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Hot Sauce Cookbook Signing


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  • In the midst of making the fermented hot sauce from this book, using hot peppers from a Vietnamese farmer at the West Tennessee farmers market in Jackson, TN.

    These are little red peppers of the sort I associate with Thai cooking. Cutting 2.5 lb of those in half took a while! I have a feeling this is going to be hot hot sauce, but it smells wonderful. It’s about done with week one in the crock.

    Am going to report results on my blog, and will report back here later when I do, unless this goes completely off the rails. In any event, really enjoyed the book.

  • Dave Marsh

    I discovered the joy of fermenting my own pepper harvest in a variety of ways a couple of years ago. This year I decided to approach the world of making my own barbecue sauce. I grow lots of tomatoes and my daughter loves barbecue sauce. Tonight I read your tabasco sauce recipe (I have four productive tabasco pepper plants in my garden) and saw your comment about emailing you if interested in your barbecue sauce. Can you point me in a good starting direction to making my own barbecue sauce? I would appreciate your recommendations.
    Thank you!
    Dave Marsh
    Lincoln, Nebraska