Visited Manchester for the first time in January to celebrate Julia and Andy’s wedding. The defining Mancusian experience– I watched Liverpool play Manchester United on TV at the Shakespeare Pub with Andy, my new son-in-law. Many pints were consumed.

Spent much of the five day trip exploring Manchester’s multicultural restaurant scene.

Yank Sing dim sum Sunday brunch was top notch. Hedgehog buns filled with sweet custard were a big hit with the kids.

We also ate Korean BBQ, a Thai lunch, a Turkish feast with mezze and kebabs, and two sumptous dinners at Indian restaurants–one at Mughli, a hipster Indian joint on Manchester’s famous Curry Mile.

Kelly and kids did some shopping at the Arndale mall. They were happy to find a 5 Guys Burgers & Fries for their lunch.

Meanwhile I checked out Shoryu Manchester, a fabulous ramen restaurant in Piccadilly Gardens.

The city is compact and easily walkable. We had a blast exploring libraries, museums, parks and squares.

Oh and pubs. Lots and lots of pubs.