Legends of Texas Barbecue
“If the Barbecued Honey Pork Loin and Sonny Bryan’s Rib Sandwiches don’t get your stomach growling and your mouth watering, then the Mashed Potato Salad and Fried Green Tomatoes will! This book not only takes the reader on a smoky culinary journey through the state, it also offers rare historical insights. It is destined to become the ultimate guide to Texas barbecue.”
– Stephan Pyles, chef, host of PBS series New Tastes from Texas
“Robb Walsh’s new book embraces, examines, and celebrates all variety of chili pepper stew. Lucky us. Walsh is one of the great chroniclers of Texas foodways, a thoughtful historian and a warm, charming writer to boot, and while many cookbooks are written to be read as much as cooked from, rarely does one so deftly strike a balance between both.”
– Eater
Hot Sauce Cookbook
“As a big-flavor, hot-food freak, I adore this book for its deep coverage of all things spicy. But where Walsh really shines is in his simple, DIY approach to hot sauces: Now any cook, regardless of skill level, can make their own at home.”
– Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
“In the end, you feel privileged to have been invited along and a whole lot smarter about not only smoked meat in all of its many guises, but this lovely and confounding part of the country.”
– Russ Parsons, Los Angeles Times
“This book is rich with gravitas and gravy. But its true strength is the broadcast of previously unheralded characters-from Vietnamese pho masters in Houston to chicken-fried steak pioneers in Paradise – whose family histories and recipes tell us what it means to claim a Texas kitchen as your own.”
– John T Edge, series editor, Cornbread Nation: The Best of Southern Food Writing

The Tex-Mex Grill and Backyard Barbacoa Cookbook is pure Robb Walsh—as delicious to read as it is to cook from. Robb explores with the zeal of an adventurous journalist, reels you in with the skill of a great story-teller, and entices you into the kitchen with wow-that-sounds-great creativity. His sections on butchering and grill wrangling will insure that this book stays on my kitchen counter for a long, long time.”
– Rick Bayless, author of Authentic Mexican

Sex, Death & Oysters
“Sex, Death & Oysters…captures the Houston food writer at his best, offering culinary insight, scientific fact, and offbeat humor as he travels the globe in search of the truth about oysters (including their alleged resemblance to the female anatomy and occasional fatal effects).”
– Mike Shea, Texas Monthly Magazine
“A Western saga of a cookbook with wild and delicious stories, photos, and recipes. It feels like a collaboration by John Wayne, Larry McMurtry, and Emiliano Zapata.”
– Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva, NPR’s Kitchen Sisters
Join Texas food writer Robb Walsh on a grand tour complete with larger-than-life characters, colorful yarns, rare archival photographs — and a savory assortment of crispy, crunchy Tex-Mex foods.
“The world of food explored with openness, an iron gut, and a hunger that goes to the level of emotional and cultural memory. Unaffected and inviting, with none of the elitist burdens of most exotic-food journalism.”
– Kirkus Reviews
Co-authored with Grady Spears.
Selected one of the “Top Ten Cookbooks of 1999” by Peter Franklin’s nationally syndicated column, “Cookbook Nook.”
Co-authored with David Garrido.
“Food historians ten or twenty years hence might well call it a benchmark, a book that shows, through 98 engaging recipes and a lively enlightened text, where a major element of Texas cooking has been and where it might well be headed.”
– Patricia Sharpe, Texas Monthly
“Like almost no other food writer around, Robb Walsh has the knack of getting to places where appetite and hunger remain on intimate terms, and of reporting back on that experience in ways that illuminate both a people and their food. I once fantasized about starting up an alternative food magazine just to publish a piece of his about Southern prison food that I felt more of the world should read. This book will make you understand why.”
– John Thorne, Simple Cooking
Compilation, Marlowe & Co.
Best Food Writing brings together the most exceptional writing culled from the past year’s books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and web sites. Robb Walsh has appeared in each of the annual collections.