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Dublin Dr Pepper Is Gone, But Not Forgotten

Lori Dodd at the Dublin Dr Pepper plant

Yesterday was the last day to buy Dublin Dr Pepper at the plant. Anyone who tells you this was amicable resolution to the lawsuit filed by Dr Pepper/Snapple against the Dublin plant needs to watch the TV interview with the tearful owners as they shut […]

My Bumper Crop of Easter Eggs

What a year for radishes! A couple of months ago, I bought a mixed radish seed blend from Johnny’s Seeds called Easter Egg. I planted the seeds in mid-October and harvested this first bunch of radishes a week before Thanksgiving. I served the radishes on the relish tray and put the greens in my […]

The Barefoot Heathen Anthem

Be the first to spot the anachronism in Rodney’s Crowell’s Telephone Road video and win a Lone Star beer at El Real!

Anvil's Mayhaw Cocktails

The same East Texas produce stand that had the “Big Ass Melons” sign I posted previously also had this great mayhaw jelly sign. I didn’t buy any because I loaded up on mayhaws this season to make my own jelly. I still have a gallon in my freezer. I am a little tired of mayhaw jelly though and I started thinking of other things to do with mayhaws. A mayhaw margarita came immediately to mind. But instead of trying to perfect the mayhaw syrup myself, I gave some mayhaws to Bobby Heugel at Anvil. Bobby had never heard of mayhaws.

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Texas Beer Room: Where Art Thou?

The Bowery Beer Room at the Whole Foods store on Houston Street in New York has over a thousand varieties of beer for sale. There are six beers on tap. The store sells a glass half gallon container called a “growler” that you can fill up with draft beer and take home–just like […]

News Flash: Mandola Winery Sold

Dave Reilly unveils the new label

Dave Reilly, head of winery operations at Mandola Estate Winery in Driftwood, poured me a glass of the winery’s spectacular 2008 Montepulciano–and then he dropped a bomb. He told me that Damien Mandola was no longer involved in his namesake winery. Then he showed me the new label.

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A Hoppy Wallop!

Wow! I had my first taste of Hop Stoopid double IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company the other day. This brew is packing a major hoppy wallop. I can’t remember drinking a double IPA before, so maybe this is my first. Beer Advocate reviewers gave this beer an A-. Most of the reviewers wrote […]

Friday Frozen Marg

Happy hour starts at noon on Fridays and I am already thinking of the frozen margaritas at Spanish Village on Almeda. How do they make those things so slushy? The owner says its a secret recipe. It tastes like big sheets of ice floating around in your margarita. Do they freeze the mix […]

Houston's Airline Flea Market/Mercado

Fruit stand at the Airline Flea Market in Houton

The “Flea Markets” on Airline Drive in North Houston form a giant mercado that draws some 50,000 Latino shoppers every weekend. Each flea market has its own taquerias and food stands.

Agua Fresca de Tamarindo

De Buey Y Vaca is the most famous taqueria. (Buey y vaca means ox and cow, or steer and cow.) My favorite dish there was the barbacoa soup. Barbacoa soup belongs in the family of menudo, posole, and caldo de res. It’s a weekend breakfast soup eaten with a squeeze of lime, chopped onions and cilantro and a stack of tortillas. If you like barbacoa, this stuff will knock your socks off.

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