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Next Chapter: Moving to Ireland

Dear Friends:

I’ve been doing a lot of fishing lately. Spent three weekends in November on Galveston Bay, Matagorda Bay and the Lower Laguna Madre. I didn’t catch a lot of fish, but that’s okay. It was my way of saying goodbye to the Coastal Bend of Texas, my home for the last few […]

The 2012 Election

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Dublin Dr Pepper Is Gone, But Not Forgotten

Lori Dodd at the Dublin Dr Pepper plant

Yesterday was the last day to buy Dublin Dr Pepper at the plant. Anyone who tells you this was amicable resolution to the lawsuit filed by Dr Pepper/Snapple against the Dublin plant needs to watch the TV interview with the tearful owners as they shut […]

Long Point Creole

Longpoint Creole is the title of a short talk I’ll be giving at the Houston Public Library tomorrow as part of Writing and C/Siting, a series of lectures and readings in the Houston Inside Out Symposium series.
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Deli Man: Starring Ziggy Gruber

Houston delicatessen owner Ziggy Gruber and his Post Oak restaurant, Kenny and Ziggy’s are starring in a movie. Erik Greenberg Anjou, a New York-based independent filmmaker, was in town last week with his production crew working on the documentary which is tentatively titled: Deli Man.
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The Barefoot Heathen Anthem

Be the first to spot the anachronism in Rodney’s Crowell’s Telephone Road video and win a Lone Star beer at El Real!

That's Quite a Cookie

Yes, that’s a real cookie. The cover story of this week’s Houston Press (and Dallas Observer) is about the Texas Cottage Food Law. Some of the people who would benefit from the passage of what’s being called “The Bake Sale Bill” are talented home cookie designers like Callye Alavarado who have been banned […]

Fried Turkey Junkies

Cajun Fried Turkey Getting the Injection

Why do I get such a kick out of shooting up the bird? Is the injection of garlic butter and spices really necessary? Or is it just a lot of voodoo?
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Cowboy Troy at the Watermelon Festival

Texas country hip-hop artist Cowboy Troy will be the headliner at the Hempstead Watermelon Festival on July 18th. Hempstead is the watermelon capital of Texas. The festival is timed to coincide with the peak of the watermelon season. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be there.


Crazy 'bout a Mercury

Ford announced it will discontinue the Mercury line of automobiles today. This doesn’t have much to do with food unless your parents took the family out for burgers in a Mercury station wagon. So humor me a minute while I say: Goodbye Mercury. And Muchas Gracias Alan […]