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The Ramen Tsunami: Tatsu-ya Austin


Tatsu-ya Ramen has taken Austin by storm. Rumor has it the owners will soon launch a second location in Houston. Here’s a few impressions from a recent visit to the Austin ramen hot spot.

Saturday Ramen

By  Katie Walsh

Early on a Saturday night, the line at Tatsu-ya is manageable. We seem to […]

Houston Ramen: Waiting for Goro

Soma's Kaisen ramen

Goro ought to be here anytime now. While waiting, I sampled some ramen from other spots around Houston. In July 2011, the Modular food truck and Soma, the Japanese restaurant on Washington had a ramen throw-down. Some might say Soma chef Jason Hauk cheated by serving foie gras ramen with […]

Spicy Ramen in L.A.

The first ramen I ate in L.A. was on a trip back in 2009. Our plane got into LAX around nine at night and by the time we got to the Grand Kyoto Hotel, I was starved. It was way past 10 pm and most of the restaurants in the neighborhood were closed. […]

A Tsunami of Ramen

A bowl of ramen at Teppay

The pork in the Tonkotsu ramen at Teppay on Westheimer is as tender as the roast pork Grandma served for Sunday dinner.The pork bone broth is milky in color and intensely flavored, which is typical of this style of ramen. (No, we are not talking about the […]