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Church Lady Q

Check out “Made in the Shade,” my article in the August/September issue of Garden & Gun Magazine. The piece includes listings of my favorite Texas shade tree barbecue stands including this group of church ladies in Rosenberg.

Any noteworthy barbecue pits operating on the side of the road, under a tree, or in […]

Legends of Texas BBQ: Martin's in Bryan

The tabletops are worn out from dominoes

The ribs are outstanding at Martin’s Barbeque in Bryan. The brisket I sampled was very moist and tender, although it had that slightly steamed texture of a brisket that had been held for awhile in foil or a sealed hotel pan. The German potatoes are a favorite here, but all the sides are excellent. But the real attraction at Martin’s is the ancient Texas barbecue joint atmosphere. The tile floor in the kitchen has been worn down to the cement and the flues above the old brick pits are covered with creosote stalactites.

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The Making of a Food Film

Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA) film maker Joe York interviewed customers at Taylor Cafe yesterday on the subjects of barbecue and philosophy. York is here in Texas shooting segments for an upcoming SFA movie tentatively titled “Southern Food: The Movie.”

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve spent the last week working with […]

Texas Q History

A producer for the History Channel named Paul La Blanc put this pilot together for a food history show to be called “A Bite of History.” I don’t think the show ever got broadcast–or at least I never heard anything about it. Here is the Texas segment.

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On Pastrami and BBQ Brisket

Pastrami and Eggs at Katz's

I had breakfast at Katz’s Deli on my recent visit to New York. (The Katz’s Delis in Houston and Austin have no association with the original New York Katz’s, by the way.) While I was eating this plate of smoked brisket and eggs, I couldn’t help thinking about a smoked brisket and egg taco I had at the Plantation BBQ trailer on 90A outside of Richmond a few weeks earlier.

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More Serious Eats in Texas

New York food writer Ed Levine was in Houston over the last few days researching a new book that’s being written by the whole staff at his famous food blog Serious Eats. Ed and I are old friends.

Levine once took me on a pizza tour of Manhattan that included a lot of great pizzerias I never heard of. He also introduced me to David Chang back when Chang was a humble, eccentric chef running an obscure little noodle joint almost single-handedly.

I took Ed on a short food tour of Fort Worth last year when we were both in DFW for the Pillsbury Bake-Off. He was blown away by Babe’s Fried Chicken in Roanoke and Caro’s Tex-Mex. But I was really looking forward to giving Levine a grand food tour of Houston.

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Foodways Texas (FTX)

Foodways Texas

Watch for more information about this Texas foodways group in the making.