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Jam Time, Ya’ll

On my way back from Foodways Texas BBQ Summer Camp, I bought a box of sweet and juicy two inch-size Hill Country freestone peaches for $33 at DiIorio’s farmstand in Hempstead. I had hoped to make peach preserves and brandied peaches with them, but I am fighting a losing battle trying to keep […]

Peach Patrol!

Every year, we wait patiently for the freestone peaches to be perfectly ripe so we can begin making preserves, brandied peaches, and peach pies. Freestone peaches are the best to cook with because the fruit comes easily away from the pit. Cling peaches, the ones with fruit that sticks to the pit, generally ripen a couple of weeks earlier than freestones. There are several cultivars of each kind–some sweeter and juicier than others.

This year, warm, rainy weather across the South has accelerated the growing seasons. The mayhaws, which are supposed to be ripe in May, were all harvested by mid-April. And the cling peaches, which we usually get in June, were already ripening in mid-May.

Looks like the freestones season is about to begin! Please leave alerts about where you are finding the best peaches this year in the comments section!

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A Peachy Peachy Weekend

When I lived in Austin, I thought that the best peaches in Texas came from the Hill Country. Then I moved to Houston and tasted Cooper’s Farm peaches and peaches from other parts of East Texas.

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