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Dear Audrey: Texans Deserve Better?

Katie Walsh comments on a recent article in the Daily Texan:

The chile relleno at Matt’s El Rancho in Austin—which was Lyndon B. Johnson’s favorite dish here—came covered in queso instead of ranchero sauce, by request.

My sister Julia ordered the Grilled Old Fashioned tacos, which we’ve been eating here for at […]

Manx-Mex Chronicles: Manchester’s Top 5 for Tex-Mex

I’ve had a wonderful time here in Manchester, and have had some hilarious and some great experiences while hunting down the available Tex-Mex as part of the Manx-Mex Chronicles. As a wrap up to the series, here are my Top 5 Tex-Mex tastes of the series by post.

I am judging these by the […]

Homestyle Tex-Mex in Galveston

Chile relleno was the Wednesday special at Mi Abuelitas Homestyle Mexican Restaurant on 45th and Avenue O 1/2 in Galveston. It was served with beans and fideo for $7. Owner Sara Asocar worked as a waitress at El Nopalito, one of Galveston’s most popular Tex-Mex restaurants, for 17 years before Ike took that […]

More Serious Eats in Texas

New York food writer Ed Levine was in Houston over the last few days researching a new book that’s being written by the whole staff at his famous food blog Serious Eats. Ed and I are old friends.

Levine once took me on a pizza tour of Manhattan that included a lot of great pizzerias I never heard of. He also introduced me to David Chang back when Chang was a humble, eccentric chef running an obscure little noodle joint almost single-handedly.

I took Ed on a short food tour of Fort Worth last year when we were both in DFW for the Pillsbury Bake-Off. He was blown away by Babe’s Fried Chicken in Roanoke and Caro’s Tex-Mex. But I was really looking forward to giving Levine a grand food tour of Houston.

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Friday Frozen Marg

Happy hour starts at noon on Fridays and I am already thinking of the frozen margaritas at Spanish Village on Almeda. How do they make those things so slushy? The owner says its a secret recipe. It tastes like big sheets of ice floating around in your margarita. Do they freeze the mix […]

Houston's Airline Flea Market/Mercado

Fruit stand at the Airline Flea Market in Houton

The “Flea Markets” on Airline Drive in North Houston form a giant mercado that draws some 50,000 Latino shoppers every weekend. Each flea market has its own taquerias and food stands.

Agua Fresca de Tamarindo

De Buey Y Vaca is the most famous taqueria. (Buey y vaca means ox and cow, or steer and cow.) My favorite dish there was the barbacoa soup. Barbacoa soup belongs in the family of menudo, posole, and caldo de res. It’s a weekend breakfast soup eaten with a squeeze of lime, chopped onions and cilantro and a stack of tortillas. If you like barbacoa, this stuff will knock your socks off.

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Foodways Texas (FTX)

Foodways Texas

Watch for more information about this Texas foodways group in the making.