The Bohemian Special

From the Houston Press “Eating Our Words” blog:

This is not your average, everyday barbecue sandwich.
"The Bohemian Special"  photo by Robb Walsh

I’m saying the Bohemian Special at Mustang Creek B-B-Q on Highway 59 in Louise is the best barbecue sandwich in Texas. It excels by virtue of architecture alone–a mound of sliced brisket is topped with lengthwise slices of smoked Prasek’s sausage and topped with thick raw onion slices and dill pickles and served on a hamburger roll to which a tiny smidgen of barbecue sauce has been applied. It is held together during the eating process with the aid of a sturdy white paper wrapper.

Mustang Creek is a gas station barbecue joint with excellent culinary credentials–they sell bottles of homemade Czech-style sauerkraut and whole pickles by the cash register. They are also neighbors of Prasek’s Smokehouse which is located in the little Czech community of Hillje three miles north of Louise on 59.