Legends Book - Revised

Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook
by Robb Walsh, Jeffrey W. Savell (Foreword by)

Chronicle Books (Updated edition 2016)
Paperback, $23

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Welcome to Texas barbecue. We love to make it. We love to eat it. And we love to argue about it -igniting as many feuds as fires from Houston to El Paso.

Texas barbecue is hotter than ever! Alongside the veteran Texas pitmasters that made tender smoked brisket, juicy sausage links and succulent beef ribs famous; a new generation of young pitmasters have created a modern style of Texas barbecue that is being imitated across the nation. You’ll find the classic methods and the latest techniques all together in this new updated edition—along with cutting edge smokers, pits, tools and accessories, and some innovative new recipes—like Trimmed Brisket, Cook-off Ribs, and luscious double-decker BBQ Sandwiches.

Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook (2003 James Beard Award Nominee) delivers both a practical cookbook and a guided tour of Texas barbecue lore, giving readers straightforward advice right from the pit masters themselves. Their time-honored tips, along with 85 closely guarded recipes, reveal a lip-smacking feast of smoked meats, savory side dishes, and an awesome array of mops, sauces, and rubs. Their opinions are outspoken, their stories outlandish and hilarious. Fascinating archival photography looks back over more than 100 years of barbecue history, from the first turn of the century squirrel roasts to candid shots of Lyndon Johnson chowing down on a plate of ribs.

A list of the best barbecue joints and a month-by-month rundown of the most influential statewide cook-offs round out this glorious celebration of barbecue found deep in the heart of Texas.

“Barbecue may be our nation’s most democratic food. (Think small d-democratic, as in of the people, by the people, for the people.) That’s part of the problem: Egalitarian foods with elemental appeal oftentimes get short shrift.

With Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook, Robb Walsh aims to fix that. Though rife with recipes for bohunk sausage, cowboy brisket, and chipotle-slathered ribs, the book is best read as a work of social history, a smoky portrait of the myriad peoples of Texas. By way of insightful prose and archival photos, Walsh does them proud.”
– John T. Edge, Gourmet Magazine

“Barbecue is true religion in Texas. And no one knows more about Texas barbecue than Robb Walsh. This book is so full of tips, stories, advice, opinions, and lore, the smoke fairly rises from its pages.”
-Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible

“If the Barbecued Honey Pork Loin and Sonny Bryan’s Rib Sandwiches don’t get your stomach growling and your mouth watering, then the Mashed Potato Saladand Fried Green Tomatoes will! This book not only takes the reader on a smoky culinary journey through the state, it also offers rare historical insights. It is destined to become the ultimate guide to Texas barbecue.”
– Stephan Pyles, chef, host of PBS series New Tastes from Texas