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Early Morning at Franklin

The pit at Franklin Barbecue trailer in Austin was once used at John Mueller’s on Manor Road.

The brisket is wrapped in butcher paper after its smoked for 8 hours or so.

You can buy barbecue by the pound or by the sandwich. The Tipsy Texan sandwich with brisket and sausage sounds suspiciously similar to Mustang Creek’s Bohemian Special.

Assistant pit man Terrence Henry wears goggles and a respirator when he opens up the pit.He doesn’t want to end up with a persistent cough like his boss, Aaron Franklin.

3 comments to Early Morning at Franklin

  • jim

    Great shot of the paper wrap. Sticking a half-smoked brisket in a couple of brown paper bags – one end facing north and one south, basically – and putting it back on a low-heat pit for several hours is a great way to make a really falling-apart tender brisket.

  • Steve in Austin

    $13.00/pound for Brisket is ABSURD. Where did this guy get his pricing model, from Rudy’s? I’ll take the ANGUS Brisket from Black’s BBQ in Lockhart EVERY day of the week for “only” $9.95/pound over this overpiced Austin place.

  • Cody

    He charges those prices because he uses hormone and antibiotic free meats. I’d rather pay a little higher price and know what I’m getting, but that’s just me.