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Burgerland TV

George Motz at Stanton's

My friend George Motz, the author of Hamburger America, has a new TV show on the Travel Channel called Burgerland. On each episode of the show, George hits a new city and visits four burger joints–three from his book and one suggested by a local. I was the local […]

Barbecue Time Machine

At dawn on the morning of Sunday October 16, I drove into the parking lot of the Washington Lodge of the Sons of Hermann. As I described in an earlier post, a handful of old fraternal organizations in this part of Texas have preserved the pit barbecue style that was once common all across the South. This Sons of Hermann Lodge was established in 1898 and the members claim that their barbecue tradition goes back that far too.
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Creolized Burger and Fries: The Banh Mi Burger

The Saigon Burger at Burger Guys in Houston

The banh mi burger is a very tasty emerging trend. Most of the banh mi burgers I have heard about are created by American restaurants and burger joints rather than Vietnamese banh mi shops. Rub BBQ in NYC has one as a sometimes special and another place in Redhook Brooklyn offers them too. The Houston version I tried was pretty impressive.

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Eat at Joe's

On the way to Minute Maid Park on Sunday, I stopped by to visit Joe Hernandez at his new place “Mr. Joe’s Deli” on Preston. The last time I saw Joe was in 2001 when the Houston Press ran a story about the light rail construction putting Joe and a lot of other […]

In-N-Out Coming to Texas

3x3 at Tornado Burger

Tornado Burger, the Houston burger joint that patterned itself after In-N-Out, may soon get some competition from the real thing. The Orange Country Register has confirmed that Southern California’s iconic fast food burger chain, In-N-Out, has plans to enter the Texas market.

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National Spotlight on BBQ Burgers at Guy's

BBQ burgers on the smoker

The barbecue burgers at Guy’s Meat Market on OST are remarkable. In a city of great burgers, they stand out because of the smoky flavor. To make them, half pound partially-cooked ground round patties are placed on the rotisserie in the barbecue smoker and smoked with hickory for about an hour. When they come off of the smoker at 11 a.m., there is already a line of people waiting. This Thursday, a famous food writer from New York was one of the guys waiting in line.

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The Hamburger Kid

The Hamburger Kid

The “Hamburger Kid” is the proud owner of a new hamburger joint that moved into the Hubcap Grill’s short-lived second location on Main Street a little north of 610. Like the Hubcap, the new place serves hand-formed, half-pound hamburger patties from well-seasoned, never-been-frozen ground beef. The place has only been […]