Robb Walsh Departs the Houston Press

Robb Walsh

As of today, I am no longer employed at the Houston Press. June 1st would have been my ten year anniversary as a staff restaurant reviewer and food feature writer there.

I look back fondly on the last decade. My work for the Press was nominated for more than half a dozen James Beard Awards and other prizes. Most recently, a Bert Greene Award nomination for blogging and a James Beard Award nomination for Multimedia.

During my tenure at the Press, I published six books based on subjects that I originally explored in articles for the paper. My latest book, The Tex-Mex Grill and Backyard Barbacoa Cookbook, based in part on Houston Press features and blog posts, comes out this May.

It’s sad to say goodbye. But along with the nostalgia, there’s a feeling of liberation. I am looking forward to a lot of projects I’ve always wanted to tackle, but never had the time for. My take on Texas culture, barbecue, cheese enchiladas, and all of those other monumental issues won’t disappear, they’ll just be relocated. You can keep up with me here–I’ll be blogging regularly at this website.

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