A Hoppy Wallop!

Wow! I had my first taste of Hop Stoopid double IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company the other day. This brew is packing a major hoppy wallop. I can’t remember drinking a double IPA before, so maybe this is my first. Beer Advocate reviewers gave this beer an A-. Most of the reviewers wrote about grapefruit, pineapple and pine aromas–but it smells like really good marijuana if you ask me.

It goes down real smooth. The beer comes in a 22-ounce “bomber” bottle. I sampled mine with leftover Easter ham and hard-boiled egg sandwiches with beets and horseradish on the side. I would definitely buy this beer again. Or maybe I need to try some other double IPAs?

Please tell me Saint Arnold’s is going to do a double IPA for their next Divine Reserve.

1 thought on “A Hoppy Wallop!

  1. Frank M

    If memory serves, DR3 was an Imperial IPA, but lets hope it makes a return appearance-it was good!

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