Friday Frozen Marg

Happy hour starts at noon on Fridays and I am already thinking of the frozen margaritas at Spanish Village on Almeda. How do they make those things so slushy? The owner says its a secret recipe. It tastes like big sheets of ice floating around in your margarita. Do they freeze the mix first and then add the tequila?

Anybody got a copycat recipe? I want to try this at home.

7 thoughts on “Friday Frozen Marg

  1. Sue

    Try making a fresh lime granita. Freeze, scrape icy crystals into prepared cocktail glass, add tequila (and cointreau, if using) and enjoy!

  2. matt

    They are one of the best but I don’t believe they use mix which is why I like them. I believe it’s tequila, triple sec and lime juice.

  3. Nishta

    I am so happy to see this margarita featured–Spanish Village is where I cut my Tex-Mex teeth when I first moved to Houston to go to Rice. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything there but the combination enchilada plate and, of course, one of these margaritas.

    it’s been a while so I need to go back & try to discern how they do it.

  4. Ribalding

    Heads up.

    Their fried chicken is pretty sporty. (Occasionally dry, but seldom.) Comes on a sizzling plate, which may have a tendency to over-cook.

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