Texas Beer Room: Where Art Thou?

The Bowery Beer Room at the Whole Foods store on Houston Street in New York has over a thousand varieties of beer for sale. There are six beers on tap. The store sells a glass half gallon container called a “growler” that you can fill up with draft beer and take home–just like the good old days before beer came in cans and bottles. So why did Whole Foods put this in New York and not in its home town of Austin?

Don’t tell me–it has something to do with the TABC, right?

4 thoughts on “Texas Beer Room: Where Art Thou?

  1. Kerr

    they sell growlers to go at brew pubs in Denver also.

  2. Ben

    AFAIK, growlers are legal in TX. I have seen them at Fredericksburg Brewing and read about them at other brew pubs. I do know that per TABC, breweries cannot sell to the public, but wineries can. That would def increase growler sales.

    Why don’t you add a crazy good beer selection at the upcoming restaurant?

  3. Mike

    They sell growlers in Austin to! People need to get out more!

  4. Daniel

    Growlers are also available at your local Alamo Drafthouse Theater. If you buy an Alamo-branded growler, drain it, and bring it back, they fill it for the price of a pitcher!

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