The Best Brisket in the State?

Aaron Franklin is serious about BBQ

Aaron Franklin grew up around barbecue and country music. His parents owned a barbecue joint in Bryan and his grandfather once played steel guitar for Bob Wills. After high school, Aaron headed to Austin and became the drummer in several rock and roll bands. After he got that out of his system, he settled down and started cooking barbecue. His barbecue trailer on I-35 near 32nd St in Austin has the Texas Q scene all abuzz.

Frank Mancuso, the Central Texas sales rep for Saint Arnold beer, says he compared Franklin’s brisket side-by-side with the brisket from Snow’s in Lexington at a SXSW barbecue event this spring. Snow’s is much acclaimed as the best brisket in the state, but Frank found Franklin’s brisket superior. I can attest that Franklin’s brisket is amazing, some of the best I’ve ever eaten. But I’ve never been to Snow’s.

The Franklin barbecue trailer opens at 11 am Wednesday through Sunday and closes when they sell out–which happened around 1:30 pm the Sunday I visited. Snow’s is only open Saturday, and they sell out before noon.

7 thoughts on “The Best Brisket in the State?

  1. Cabeza de taco

    I’ve eaten Snows, smittys, kreuz’s, coopers, etc…and Franklins moist brisket kills them all. Hands down. Not even close.

    Very proud to see this accomlishment in austin, the texas city that great bbq has escaped for so long..and from a drummer, no less..


  2. Aasim Syed

    Aaron Franklin is a good ol’ friend. I have drank beerz with him. His wife Stacy is a good lady. I have made farting sounds with her at afterparties. That brisket they make is so amazing!!!

  3. John Strube

    I tell ya what, I was in Austin from California & had brisket 7 days in a row… Franklin’s was my favorite bar none… Out here, no brisket, we do Tri Tip, definitely not as good… Can’t wait to get back to have some more!

  4. Doug

    Hands down the best. That is not a compliment given lightly in this state but that is what it looks like from here. That is what it taste’s like as well.

  5. Junker

    Everything Franklin BBQ is scary good. What we’re witnessing there is a revolution. Aaron has shown up almost out of nowhere and is taking down the legends of BBQ.

    I’m ready to crown him as the undisputed champ. I have a feeling he will hold that title for a VERY long time.

  6. Henry

    How is it possible this younger dude opens up a BBQ stand and sells THE BEST BRISKET IN THE WORLD just out of the blue. I love brisket like nothing else in life and this is hands down the best I’ve ever had. For someone his age to have perfected a craft like this is unbelievable. I’m convinced he sold his soul to the Devil to learn how to smoke such great meat.

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