Oysters and Cold Rain Sounds Lovely

The Guinness World Championship Oyster Opening Competition

Today is the final day of the Clarenbridge Oyster Festival, so you’ve missed that lovely little get together. But you still have time to book a flight to Shannon, Ireland in time for the 2010 Galway Oyster Festival, home of the Guinness World Oyster Opening Competition. If all the Irish oysters you can eat and all the Guinness you can drink isn’t enough of a draw, consider the lovely weather. Cold and rainy sounds pretty appealing to those of us sweating out September in Texas.
Imagine getting to wear a sweater and a raincoat!

1 thought on “Oysters and Cold Rain Sounds Lovely

  1. Mary

    We managed to eek out a couple dozen oysters in Galway while visiting for the first time this summer (pre-season)…all thanks to your book, Robb! They were delicious, so different from our Gulf Coast oysters but just as fantastic.

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