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No kidding. You really need to e-mail a comment to the TCEQ if you want your kids to know what oysters taste like. Under the current water flow plans, Galveston Bay oysters would cease to exist. If you don’t believe me, take a look at today’s Houston Chronicle. There’s a very timely article on the threat to the $2 billion Galveston Bay seafood industry and sport fishery that the new water plan represents. Bureaucrats in Austin don’t eat oysters and they don’t give a damn–so it’s up to you.

Comment by email to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality You must select “SB3/HB3” as the subject of your message. Just write: “We need more fresh water for the oysters!” or something to that effect.

3 thoughts on “Comments Please!

  1. jack flannery

    It astounds me how the states or federal government just doesn’t care much for the Gulf Coast. It is extremely important for the GOM fisheries also. Just look at what decades of mismanagement has done to the Mississippi Delta.

    BTW, nice looking apple pies.

  2. kim wallace

    Robb – thanks for beating the drum on this topic. Chambers county oystermen took a big hit after Ike – they sure don’t need another one because of folks who don’t understand the consequences of their decisions.

  3. Steve

    I posted the following comments:
    The proposed plans for water allocations needs to take into account the timing of the flows in order to protect and preserve the historical flows into the Galveston Bay estuary. Reductions of the fresh water flows into Galveston Bay will have a detrimental effect upon the breeding grounds for oysters and other game fish.

    With the recent damage to the Louisiana estuaries from the Deep Horizon oil spill, the Texas estuaries take on a more important role in preserving vital breeding grounds for the Gulf Coast.

    Any damage to the $2 billion a year fishing industry will have far reaching impacts to the Texas economy as a whole in a time where we can not afford any job losses in this environment of high unemployment. Although Texas has been spared the worse of the recession, now is the time to tread lightly and prudently in economic matters.

    I am not affiliated with, nor have any direct economic interests, with the fishing industry. I am not an environmentalist, but believe in conserving our natural heritage to the greatest extent possible. I am a concerned native Texan who desires to see our Gulf Coast way of life preserved.

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