Eat Texas Oysters!

My Christmas Oysters

Texas oysters didn’t suffer any damage from the oil spill. My Christmas oysters came from Galveston Bay via Mishos Oyster Company in San Leon. They are nicely plump and very salty. If you don’t want to drive all the way down there, you can buy Misho’s oysters at Airline Seafood at 1841 Richmond Avenue in Houston. They are $36 for a hundred count bag and $40 a dozen for a gallon of shucked oysters. (That’s what I use for the oyster dressing.) Airline only has a couple bags on hand at any given time, so if you want to reserve or order some call (713) 526-2351. Quality Seafood in Austin has San Antonio Bay oysters for $41 dollars a hundred count bag and $51 a gallon shucked. If you are looking for smaller quantities, try the Central Market seafood counter.

Louisiana Foods is selling oysters from Jeri’s Seafood on Smith Point. The usual price is $39 a bag. But I twisted the retail market manager’s arm and he came up with a special holiday offer– $31 a bag and $36 a gallon shucked. Call 713 957 1653 and ask Jacob for the Robb Walsh Christmas Oyster Special.

6 thoughts on “Eat Texas Oysters!

  1. Robert F. Moss

    $36 for a hundred’s not bad, and they look delicious. Do you guys down in Texas ever roast oysters at all (like we do here in Charleston) or just eat them on the half shell? I have a great preference for raw on the half-shell, but don’t tell my neighbors that!

  2. JT

    in beautiful west u village area try JR’s seafood – a very good fishmonger. oysters always top notch. order ahead though for the bag.

  3. Brazos

    Met you at Saint Arnold’s book signing. A friend and I are going to Mishos (with lunch at Gilhooleys first) to get a bag. We’re bringing them back to our neighborhood bar and will practice grilling them. Hard job but someone has to do it. We’re going to try to talk the owner to having a Oysterfest in Feb.
    Thanks for the tips.

  4. Jeremy Parzen

    Upon my arrival to Texas more than two years ago, Gulf Oysters were one of my biggest culinary revelations. Two years later, I can’t imagine how I’d live without them! Great post and great to know that you recommend Quality Seafood in ATX (where we live).

  5. robbwalsh Post author

    Hope all of you oyster lovers are planning to join us for the Foodways Texas Seafood Symposium Feb 25-26!

  6. Scott

    I want oysters better price than Groomers San Antonio, Please leave me a lead Phone – site – address
    Basically 41$ per sack

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