Tex-Mex Cooking Classes at My House

“Why don’t you give a class about how to make Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas?” Mike, my physical therapist said as he twisted my arm into a pretzel shape. Mike moved here from New York. He observed that there are lots of cooking classes in Houston, but he couldn’t find any about Tex-Mex. And since he is helping me recover from rotator cuff surgery, I thought the least I could do is teach him how to make proper enchiladas. And I figured as long as I was going to teach him, I might as well see if anybody else wanted to learn. And so I decided to start offering some very small cooking classes at my house. People will come over, we’ll cook some stuff, and then we’ll sit down and talk about it. Class size is limited to 12 until I buy a bigger table.

The first class on Sunday January 23 is on Tex-Mex Superbowl snacks, the cheese enchilada class is Sunday January 30 and then on Saturday February 5, I’ll do a class on how to set up an oyster bar and how to serve Texas half shell oysters. Find out more these about cooking classes at the tab on this website. Click the links under each class to buy tickets online–if we sell twelve tickets the class is sold out.

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  1. Matthew

    Robb, i just wanted to say i enjoyed the tex-mex class quite a bit, and also the opportunity to pick your brain regarding tex-mex in general. thanks for making it a great time!

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