Aw Shucks, Ya'll

Garden & Gun Magazine
The Southerner’s Guide to Oysters

Whether you’re baking them, frying them, or eating them raw, there is nothing better than the sweet briny goodness of a Gulf Coast oyster…

I was surprised to find out that I was nominated for a James Beard Journalism Award today as one of several contributors to a series of stories about Gulf oysters in Garden & Gun Magazine. The fact that the famous Southern novelist Rick Bragg and popular author Francine Maroukian were the other two writers involved probably didn’t hurt our chances.

My part of the story was a guide to Gulf oyster bars.

Many thanks to Garden & Gun and the James Beard Foundation for the honor, and thanks to everybody who has sent their congratulations.

2 thoughts on “Aw Shucks, Ya'll

  1. Brazos

    Well deserved! Congratulations. Though I must admit, when I first heard there was a southern magazine called Garden and Gun I thought it was a National Lampoon parody edition.

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