The Barefoot Heathen Anthem

Be the first to spot the anachronism in Rodney’s Crowell’s Telephone Road video and win a Lone Star beer at El Real!

9 thoughts on “The Barefoot Heathen Anthem

  1. Janiebt

    Carla occurred in 1961
    Astrodome opened in 1965

    Lone Star? Why not Shiner Bock?

  2. robbwalsh Post author

    DerMusensohn won the contest via Twitter. He correctly noted that the Astrodome wasn’t built yet when Carla hit.
    He wins a cold Lone Star at El Real!

  3. Janiebt

    That was my answer, as well. He beat me or was I supposed to answer via Twitter?

  4. robbwalsh Post author

    I will be happy to award Janiebt and Tammy a Lone Star beer each along with one for Dermusensohn. E-mail your names and addresses to me at and I will mail you coupons. Cans of Lone Star are always $2 at El Real.

  5. Keith Martin

    My question is why show a shot of the West Alabama Ice House in a song about Telephone? Why not Paul’s or Scooter’s? (maybe they weren’t around that early?)

  6. Brazos

    Paul’s Ice House has been around since 1953 I believe but both Paul’s and Scooters were pretty far south. Almost in tne country back in 61.

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