Long Point Creole

Longpoint Creole is the title of a short talk I’ll be giving at the Houston Public Library tomorrow as part of Writing and C/Siting, a series of lectures and readings in the Houston Inside Out Symposium series.

I’ll encourage listeners to go try my favorite Thai restaurant and one of the most flamboyant interior Mexican restaurants in the city–located a few doors apart in the same shopping center on the east end of Long Point Road. The best bun bo Hue in the city is right across the street. I’ll also be talking about the Salvadorean, Korean, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Tex-Mex and French/Korean food found on Houston’s most international food street.

Writing & C/Siting Houston
Symposium: Houston Inside Out
Saturday, November 12 | 1 PM – 3:30 PM
Central Library | 4th Floor Program Place

Houston Inside Out explores “place” in Houston from the ground level perspective of artists, journalists, historians and writers who share their thoughts about the ways and especially “the wheres” through which the city is known to its residents. Symposium participants will focus their presentations on distinctive communities, neighborhoods, gathering places and unique locales in the city and surrounds.

Writing and C/Siting Houston is a collaborative project of the University of Houston Downtown Cultural Enrichment Center, the University of Houston Folklore Archive and the Houston Arts Alliance Folklife and Traditional Arts Program in cooperation with the Houston Public Library. Writing and C/Siting Houston is made possible in part with support from Humanities Texas and the Houston Arts Alliance.