My Bumper Crop of Easter Eggs

What a year for radishes! A couple of months ago, I bought a mixed radish seed blend from Johnny’s Seeds called Easter Egg. I planted the seeds in mid-October and harvested this first bunch of radishes a week before Thanksgiving. I served the radishes on the relish tray and put the greens in my salad mix.

I used to think that seeds were seeds. But Jim Sherman, my gardening guru, set me straight. He told me to quit buying the seeds sold at the grocery store or home improvement center and to order a catalog from Johnny’s Seeds, an employee-owned seed company in Maine. I wasn’t sure if it was just Sherman’s fondness for hippy-dippy enterprises (I haven’t used the phrase hippy-dippy in awhile, but it seems especially apt in this case) or if there was some actual difference in quality.

After planting Johnny’s Seeds and home improvement center seeds side by side, I can testify that Johnny’s are vastly superior. In fact, I think they should change the name of the company to Johnny’s Magic Seeds. Two years ago, when Sherman helped me install my raised bed organic garden, he gave me some tips about which seeds are especially suited to Texas, and now I religiously order those varieties.

Sherman also recommended radishes as the ideal snack with beer. So following his suggestion, this Thanksgiving we served Easter Eggs with the Saint Arnold’s Christmas Ale.

2 thoughts on “My Bumper Crop of Easter Eggs

  1. Robert F. Moss

    Those radishes are beauties. Did you serve them with any particular sauce or dip on the relish tray, or just straight up?

    My favorite for fresh radishes is to smear on just a small dab of good butter and a sprinkle of sea salt.

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