Manx-Mex Chronicles: Manchester’s Top 5 for Tex-Mex

I’ve had a wonderful time here in Manchester, and have had some hilarious and some great experiences while hunting down the available Tex-Mex as part of the Manx-Mex Chronicles. As a wrap up to the series, here are my Top 5 Tex-Mex tastes of the series by post.

I am judging these by the food accuracy (how close it is to actual Tex-Mex or food you’d find in Texas) and overall enjoyment of the food and the location. Counting down from number 5 (least) to number 1 (most):

Number Five: Un Burrito at Chango’s

This post makes number five because the burrito itself was good, made with accurate and delicious ingredients, offered a great variety of tasty hot sauces, and had a convenient, casual location. It’s not a place that feels like you’d want to hang out longer than it took to eat, though.

Number Four: Enchiladas at Las Iguanas

Despite the odd serving choices (A simple enchilada in a burrito sized flour tortilla? A lake of refried beans with a rice island in the middle?) the flavors on this dish really made it stand out. The refried black beans were more than just a bland paste and the roasty, chipotle flavor in the red sauce really made this dish shine.

Number Three: Crazy Cal-Mex at Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn

While these are definitely in the realm of Cal-Mex instead of Tex-Mex, I really loved the nachos we had at LLLB, as well as the place itself. The drinks were my favorite overall (I still drool remembering that super smooth añejo mezcal and excellent Lagerita with grapefruit!), they have a great location in Northern Quarter, and little details like the tiles on the tables and crazy menu style made me feel relaxed and at home. The nachos were fun and offered over the top choices mixed with traditional ingredients, were covered heavily and evenly with toppings, and stayed crispy to the last bites. Plus, just LOOK at that pile of jalepeños!

Number Two: Fajitas Bonitas at Chiquito

Maybe it was because the place was empty when we went, but Chiquito had a more relaxed than fun feeling to it. The drink selection was very good, and these steak fajitas made my heart soar when they hit the table. The smell, the sizzle, the taste! Medium rare steak slices over sweet onions and bell pepper rolled into tempting tacos was a bite of Tex-Mex taste. It was a journey home on a plate, and definitely a great dish!

Number One: Mission de Mayo at Las Iguanas

Yes, I already did a dish from Las Iguanas, but it really was a satisfying experience and my favorite location overall. The restaurant is brightly colored, full of lively customers, and has good deals on appetizers and drinks which add to the upbeat and fun vibe. After a string of disappointments, these nachos felt like a gift from above!  These are what I consider to be the closest to the kind of nachos I know and love – A plethora of traditional toppings, gooey melty cheese, and a good ratio of chips to toppings.