Next Chapter: Moving to Ireland

Dear Friends:

I’ve been doing a lot of fishing lately. Spent three weekends in November on Galveston Bay, Matagorda Bay and the Lower Laguna Madre. I didn’t catch a lot of fish, but that’s okay. It was my way of saying goodbye to the Coastal Bend of Texas, my home for the last few years.

On November 15, we sold our lovely house in Galveston. (I will truly miss it along with lots of other things about the Texas Coast–including all our wonderful friends!)
I’ll celebrate my 65th birthday on December 11 in our temporary digs in Houston’s Historic Third Ward.

Then, on December 31, the adventure begins. The entire family (including Frances, the Basset Hound) will embark on a one-way flight to Europe. After toasting the “Happy New Year” aloft, we will land in Paris, hop a flight to Dublin, rent a van, and drive to Ballyvaughn on the West Coast of Ireland.


On January 8, 2018, my exceedingly talented wife, Kelly Klaasmeyer, will begin a 4-year PhD program in studio art at the Burren College of Art, which is affiliated with the National University of Ireland at Galway.

Abbey View House

For the first 6 months or so, we will live in Abbey View House, an 18th century stone dwelling in Oughtmama, a stone’s throw from the ruins of three old churches and an abbey from the 10th century.

The Burren in Springtime

The house backs up to a cliff of karst, part of the weird and wonderful geological formation and Irish National Park called The Burren. The karst formation of the Burren is connected to the karst outcroppings of the nearby Arran Islands at the mouth of Galway Bay.
Arran Islands

Hopefully, the kids will attend school in the charming fishing village of Kinvara. That’s where we may eventually end up living.

My cell phone number will change, so texts will be unanswered for a while. Email:
Please follow @robbwalsh on Twitter and Instagram.

And /robb.walsh on Facebook.

Forwarding address, should you wish to send Valentines or unmarked Euros:

Robb Walsh
1321 Upland Dr. #8928
Houston, Texas 77043

I’ll be returning to Texas frequently for gigs including my annual talk at BBQ Summer Camp at Texas A&M Meat Science Center. I will also be continuing my affiliation with El Real Tex-Mex Cafe, including some intensive recipe testing this summer.

Otherwise and for the most part during my time in Ireland, I intend to roam the island and the continent blogging about good things to eat and drink. (A surprise, I know.)


Philosophical musings and Tex-Mex stuff:

BBQ discoveries:

Tips for food tourists in Ireland:

Also, watch for my many upcoming articles in the world’s most prestigious newspapers, magazines and literary quarterlies. (Right?)

Above all: Don’t be a stranger!

12 thoughts on “Next Chapter: Moving to Ireland

  1. Cathi

    1) one of my favorite houses in Galveston
    2) back to the homeland; lots of Walshes especially around Waterford

    • robbwalsh Post author

      Thanks Cathi! Lots of Walshes all over the place!

  2. Jim McGrath

    We’ve not met Robb, but I have been cooking off your Nuevo Tex Mex book for years —
    friend oyster nachos are sick — and respect your work, especially with our mutual friend Bill Floyd. Western Ireland is beautiful. Good luck in your new adventures.

  3. Dana Husband

    Very Cool Rob…your life sounds intersting….I still have a dent in my arm where your rhodisean ridgeback decided to chomp on me.

  4. Bruce Alexander

    Hope to keep in touch

    Send address when you are able

    Im in Berkshires now

  5. lisa corzinr

    i will be leaving for that area of Ireland myself the minth of June 2018…good luck to you and your family on embarking on this incredible, edible adventure!

  6. Paula

    What an adventure! Best of luck, and hope you have a guest room! LOL

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