The Summer’s Gone, it’s Fall in Ireland

The days are getting shorter and the temperature rarely breaks 60°F these days.

But it was quite a summer. Our 4th of July BBQ was a blow-out. Kelly’s Houston book club came to visit and we put them all to work making their favorite side dishes. I smoked a massive 10 kilo pork shoulder and seasoned it with North Carolina style vinegar and pepper sauce and served chopped pork sandwiches to 60 guests.

The British Open was in Northern Ireland in mid-July, so brother Gordon, his wife Sandy, golf buddy Alan Lazarus and wife Susan came over. We partied in Belfast and went to Royal Portrush for the last practice day of the Open. Joe got Ricky Fowler’s autograph.

On TV, we watched hero Shame Lowry win the Open for Ireland. Alan, Gordon, Joe and I did an Irish golf safari, playing three of the top courses in the country as well as my neighborhood links in Gort. Back at the house in New Quay, Alan and I turned out some memorable meals, including an Irish lobster feast.

Now it’s fall semester again as we near the 2-year mark on our Irish adventure. The kids are happy to be back to school, although Ava isn’t fond of the Catholic high school uniforms at Seamount College, which is the name of her secondary school.

She is working on a rap song about homeroom 1D, where they put her along with all the late arrivals and out-of-county students.

Joe is playing hurling, soccer, rugby and basketball. Getting him to all those practices and games is an occupation.

Kelly is starting her 4th semester in the Ph.D program at Burren College of Art. Her last show at the school gallery was titled Strange Bedfellows. Her paintings were also shown this summer in the NUI Galway faculty lounge. She has another show coming up in the fall.

And I will be in NYC October 24-27 for the Food Film Festival. A movie I produced called “Donut People” was chosen for a screening. I plan to take part in the festival and visit with my old pal, George Motz, the festival’s founder.

Looking forward to a great season for the Texas Longhorns! Hook ’em!