Ireland in Lockdown…Again

Ireland is on lockdown again, this time for 6 weeks until early December. The schools are open, but there was no “trick or treating” this year. Sacrificing Halloween to save Christmas is the logic we’re hearing.

Although the kids didn’t dress up in costumes this year, Joe carved a scary jack o’lantern and Ava insisted that I make chili, like I usually do on Halloween. We found an Old El Paso product called “Tortilla Strips” which are actually a dead ringer for Fritos–so the kids got to eat Frito Pie.

We built an ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos, as we always do. The night of November 2nd, we toasted our lost friends and family with Redbreast Irish Whiskey. Phil Born would have loved it.

Since changing the clocks last month, the sun is coming up around 7am and setting around 5pm. Joe had rugby practice from 7:30 to 8:30 last night, under the lights and in the drizzle. He has hurling practice tonight.

Despite the darkness, the rain, and the cold, we’re very glad to be in tranquil Ireland, a place where donkeys and Bassets live in harmony.

Can’t wait for the pubs to reopen!

The holiday buzz is in the air. They’ve hung the Christmas lights in Limerick City already and Kelly is trying to decide where to put the tree.

Hope ya’ll are safe.

Peace, out.