Making of a Foodways Texas Short

Film maker Keeley Steenson shooting for Foodways Texas

The mission of Foodways Texas is to preserve, promote and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas. Ever since the non-profit started organizing in July, we have heard about unique farms, fishermen, and companies that we need to document quickly before they disappear.

On such operation was a farm near Sweet Home where a Czech family still makes sorghum syrup the old-fashioned way using one of a handful of syrup mills still in operation. Foodways Texas founding member Morgan Weber took photos of the place a few months ago and Foodways Texas executive director Marvin Bendele quickly recruited Austin filmmaker Keeley Steenson to make a video while the syrup making was still going on. Keely spent several days shooting the harvest of the sorghum, the milling of the canes and amazing spectacle of cooking the syrup in an outdoor pit. She also shot footage of the Czech community including the annual Praha picnic.

It’s kind of astonishing that the group is already doing this kind of work despite the fact that we don’t have two nickels to rub together. Imagine what we could do with a little membership money and a couple of sponsors! To join the group, visit And watch for Keeley’s Foodways Texas short film coming soon.

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  1. Joyce

    Does this family market their syrup? I wish I could have seen this in person, but I’d settle for a taste. 🙂

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