Aw Shucks!

Many thanks to Greg Morago for the excellent article “Just Shuck It” in this Sunday’s Houston Chronicle on the subject of branding oysters by place names. And thanks to Brett Coomer for the awesome oyster photos.

The big oyster seminar and historic tasting of Texas oyster appellations are coming up this Saturday February 26 at the Foodways Texas “Gulf Gathering.” Check out the complete symposium schedule and buy your ticket now at

4 thoughts on “Aw Shucks!

  1. Robert

    Man, that is one beautiful plate of oysters!

    I definitely like the idea of reviving heritage names for Texas oysters. Here in South Carolina, our oyster bars always have a broad selection of Blue Points, Salt Aires, Malpeques, etc., and down at the end of the list just plain old “Gulf Oysters”. Just putting distinguishing names on them would in and of itself boost sales, I predict.

  2. Vickie Medley

    I can hardly wait for the book. I love oysters. I have all of your cookbooks and I love the history that you always research and write about. I know more about Texas than ever before and now have a great list of places to go visit.

  3. Anita Reed

    This was a great article, I’ll be at the Gulf Gathering with my oyster fork ready. It’s puzzling to buy oysters here when they’re only called “Gulf oysters.” When buying them, I’ve asked where they’re from, only to a clerk questioning my sanity. I’m very enthused about knowing where these yummy treats grew up when I’m choosing which ones to enjoy. Naming them for their geography is both brilliant and a no-brainer.

  4. Rafdog


    Enjoyed the article and your book on oysters was really interesting. I wish I could attend the meeting in Gal., and agree we need to use the same marketing other areas do (and TX used to)…but no need to charge more here because we are blue collar…its about the oysters, patio, and a cold one!

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