Manx-Mex Chronicles: Moving On!

Tortilla chips and salsa, chili con carne, and fajitas are now typical European bar food. Rare is the English pub that doesn’t serve “nachos.” The influence of Tex-Mex on world cuisine fascinates us here at Texas Eats. So when our correspondent, Julia Walsh, moved to Manchester, England in January 2017, we asked her to chronicle Tex-Mex influences on the local English fare. Here is her last report:

Well, friends, my time in Manchester is coming to a close. I’ve had a blast checking out the local take on Tex-Mex and reporting back to you. Watch for a round-up in coming weeks of my Manx-Mex Top 5!

And to end my English Tex-Mex reporting with a bang, I’m heading to London!

The staff of Breddos eating an afternoon meal


There’s currently a new wave of Mexican and Tex-Mex spots in Soho and the West End, and I’ll be visiting as many as I can in a final wrap-up mini-series to be titled: London Taco Tour. Keep an eye out for links posted to Facebook on Tuesdays under #LondonTacoTour!

I’ll see you all back here next TacoTuesday with my first report!