Eire-Mex: Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It is a minor holiday in Mexico, dwarfed in importance by Mexican Independence Day.

For reasons that defy logic, Texans embrace the 5th of May as the day to celebrate all things Mexican. Or is it just an excuse to drink tequila?

We continued the tradition with our Eire-Mex 5th of May party featuring: Grilled oysters, margaritas, and chips and salsa for appetizers. I got the oysters from my own bags in Pouldoody Bay.

Mains were BBQ Irish pork, chicken and ribs, with sides of verde chilaquiles and black beans with smoked pork.

I had the Texas offset and the Kamado Joe fired up for the party.

Our friends in Ireland had never heard of Cinco de Mayo, but that’s okay since nobody celebrates Cinco de Mayo in Mexico either.

Like chips and salsa and frozen margaritas, Cinco de Drinko fiestas are a Tex-Mex creation.

And Kelly and I are delighted to bring our Mexican Mashup tradition across the pond.